Shock as Mwingi man  arrested for staying with dead bodies!

Saturday 1,2016.

By Wycliffe Munyoki.

Residents of Ndaluni sub location in Migwani sub county in Kitui county are in shock after police arrested a man who had stayed with his dead wife body and that of his child for four years.

According to the area subchief the man has been living in isolation since 2011 and no one dared to go to his home.

Sources say the man used to tell neighbours that his wife who is born in Kangundo,Machakos County had travelled to visit his parents and never came back.

According to the subchief there were no indications that the man was staying with the dead bodies.

Hell broke loose when his mother in law who phoned his son in law to talk to her daughter to no success came in person at Kangoka village  to see her daughter.It was then when his son told her that his wife was in the house but had “gone away” and was to return in nine years time.

When the mother in law demanded to see her in the house she found her daugher ‘s dead body and that of her grand child lying on the floor.

Police were then informed by the curious neighbours who flocked the isolated home.

It has emerged that the man may be a devil worshipper and may have sacrificed his wife and child.The man and his other son had moved to another house where they lived.

The two bodies are said to be well kept under unknown chemical and they were odourless.Reports say salt and powder soap(Omo) was smeared all over the two bodies.

Meanwhile police have launched investigations over this blood curdling act.The man is being held at Migwani police station.The dead bodies have taken Migwani Hospital waiting postmortem.



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