Quit Wiper no future,Malombe told

By Wycliffe Munyoki | Monday Nov 20,2016.

Mwingi North  lawmaker John Munuve has told Kitui Governor Julius Malombe to quit Wiper Party earliest possible for he will be denied nomination ticket for his reelection.

Speaking during a funds raise at Tharaka Girls’ Secondary School where Governor Malombe’s wife Edith Mawia was the chief guest,Munuve said he will support Malombe if he runs on another party’s ticket.The legislator said the governor will face Wiper Chair David Musila in nomination for Kitui gubernatorial seat.

The legislator warned that Malombe is in a fix and urged him to make a decisive political move for there are indications of being denied nomination  ticket.                                       “I read the early signs that all will not be well and left Wiper.I am comfortable in Jubelee Party and I fear for those I left behind,” said Munuve.



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