Mulango MCA acquires degree!

By Wycliffe Munyoki | Thur,March 30,2017 at 6:00

Mulango ward MCA Alex Mwendwa Munyoki(in graduation gown)receives prayers from the clergy led by PCEA Rev.Julius Kiita(holding mic)  during his graduation gala at his Nczukini home.[pictured by Wycliffe Munyoki]

The quest to get better academic papers to meet civic and legal requirements has really pushed politicians to go back to classroom .

The rush has hit many including Members of County Assemblies and Mulango Member of County Assembly ,Alex Mwendwa Munyoki has has not been left out!The MCA  graduated  with Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work and Community Development. The MCA was yesterday conferred with a Second Class Honours Upper Division from South Eastern Kenya University.

Mwendwa joined SEKU in 2013 and finished reading for his degree in March 2017.

In a graduation gala held at his home at Nzukini village locals from all walks of life led by Kitui Governor Dr.Julius Malombe congratulated and showered praises to the MCA for going back to class to read.

“This is the beginning! I must go for second degree ,a masters!I have now been endowed with the power to read.The degree I have been conferred with today opens many doors in today’s world.I will continue to serve you more tirelessly and with diligence as I did even when I was a “honorable student”at SEKU.” explained the happy MCA.

Speaking to the attendees Dr.Malombe encouraged parents to support education by taking their children to school and them reiterating education was the only way to uplift the standards of living of Kitui people.

 “The standards of education in Kitui used to be down.Since I assumed office in 2013 my government has put in place programme like “The  Mentorship programme” and “The Pro-Poor” which has worked to improve the level of education in Kitui. These iniatives by the county government of Kitui has seen the number of pupils joining national schools and students joining public universities has gone up.”explained Dr.Malombe.

Malombe’s words were echoed by in attendant led by the County Minister for Finance and Economic Planning Simon Mundu and Ngomeni MCA Nzungi Ngwele.

According to Mundu the county had allocated Ksh 184 millions to education sector the fiscal year 2017/2018.


Ukambani leaders’ Emali declaration-28/3/2017.

By Wycliffe Munyoki | March 28,2017.

United for a purpose-Ukambani leaders(R-L) led by His Excellence Dr.Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka,Prof.Kivutha Kibwana,Dr.Julius Malombe,Charity Ngilu,Mutual Kilonzo Jnr and Mutua Katuku at Emali.

We as leaders and people of Kenya’s South Eastern region congregated at Emali town on March 28,2017 do hereby declare the following:

1.We’ll now henceforth speak with one undivided force on social,economic and political issues affecting the . .

2.We as a united leadership,recognising that the dignity of our community is interwoven with our destiny,we have resolved to be steadfast on our dignity’s full realisation.

3.In 2017,we will put our 2.5 million votes in one basket within the the formidable NASA formation which promises transformation for Kenya.We know only NASA will liberate Kenya from bad politics and dire underdevelopment.

4.Having resolved so,any insinuation to the contrary regarding our leader will be construed as an assault and ridicule to the community it self.

5.We the leaders of South Eastern region congregated here as well as our our people have dully endorsed H.E Dr.Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka  as the presidential flag bearer under the NASA coalition and ask the other NASA principal and Kenyan to do the same.

6.We request the leaders presented here to engage professionals to prepare a regional economic blueprint for negotiations at National level.

You don’t deserve re-election-Dr.Mutua told!

By Wycliffe Munyoki| March 28,2017   8:00PM

 Mavoko MP Hon.Patrick Makau addressing residents in a past event.

Mavoko MP Hon. Patrick King’ola Makau has  Machakos Governor Dr.Alfred Mutua has done nothing tangible for Machakos residents to seek a reelection in the August 8 elections.

Addressing his supporters in Mavoko town on Monday,Makau accused the Governor of using development projects initiated by the central government to cheat the Machakos people that they were done by county government of Machakos.

According to Makau Mutua  has never started any major development project since he assumed office in 2013.

Makau’s claims came days after Yatta MP Hon. Francis Mwangangi  accused Machakos County government of erecting sign boards at projects funded by the Yatta CDF Kitty.

MP and Governor’s handler accused of bleach of Protocal

By Wycliffe Munyoki -March 25,2017 at 6:30pm
Kitui Central MP Hon.Makali Muli(with mic) introducing other aspirant for Kitui Central constuency during burial of Kathungi ex-subchief Charles Kakunu.[pictured by Wycliffe Munyoki]

Kitui Central legislator Hon.Makali Mulu and Kitui Governor handlers were yesterday condemned by mourners for bleach of protocol during the burial of Kathungi sub location ex- subchief Charles Kakunu.

According to the mourners,the area chief Steven Katiwa who was the represantive of the National goverment  should have spoken after the governor as per the protocal .

The Masters of Ceremonies lead by former KNUT BEC James Muthoka had directed Hon.Makali to address mourners then invite Governor Malombe who was now to welcome the area chief who was the only represantive of the national government in the gathering.

Malombe handler Job Isaac Ngusu was heard shouting,”The chief is too junior to speak after the governor and the area MP.”

Commotion ensued as the MCs maintained their position to call upon the chief and other representatives  of national government to address the mourners.

Dr. Malombe heckled for calling Ngilu non-performer!

By Wycliffe Munyoki-March 25,2017

Kitui Governor Dr.Julius Malombe(right) having a word with Mulango MCA Alex Mwendwa Munyoki during the burial of Kathungi Ex Subchief Charles Kakunu. [Pictured by Wycliffe Munyoki]

Kitui Governor Dr. Julius Malombe found it rough  while delivering his speech when he said that Kitui gubernatorial aspirant Charity Ngilu had nothing to show for all that time she was in power .

Malombe was heckled by residents during the burial of the retired subchief for Kathungi the late Charles Kakunu Kavunduu at Kathungi location of Katulani subcounty. 

  I hear some people aspiring to be Kitui governor.Ngilu for example did nothing all the years she was in government as minister and the Member of Parliament for Kitui Central for 25 years,”wondered Malombe.

However,the mourners did not want to hear any of these word from the governor. They heckled as some were seen walking away.

Ndeti rubishes poll putting Dr. Mutua in the lead of governor’s race

Thursday March 23,2017 |  By Wycliffe Munyoki.

Machakos gubernatorial aspirant Wavinya Ndeti has rubbished a recent opinion poll done by a research firm Trends and Insights for Africa placing incumbent Governor Dr. Alfred Mutua ahead of other aspirants.

According to Tifa Mutua had 75 per cent while  Ndeti  and  Bernard Kiala  scored a distant  8 and 7 per cent respectively.

Ndeti who was speaking on a Thursday  breakfast show at Mbaitu FM,a Kamba vercular redio  station, dismissed  the research as incredible alleging the  Governor had lost grip with the electorate.                             “Who knows?Mutua could  be the one sponsoring the pollsters.I tell you,come August 8,he will be shocked being voted!”

She expressed confidence of winning the August 8 elections.

The former Kathiani MP who had contested the Machakks gubernatorial seat but lost narrowly to Dr. Mutua accused  him of misuse of public funds for his personal gain.

Kitui county,the home of firsts!

Thursday, 23 March,2017|By Wycliffe Munyoki

Many people have had a very ill perception of Kitui since time immemorial.It has been said and argued that witchcraft comes from Kitui.All this is completely
Talk of Kenya histoy,Kitui county cant be left out.Kitui has bred great personalities in Ukambani and Kenya at large.

It is for sure a county of firsts!

1.The first African Chief Justice-Kitili Mwendwa was from Kitui.

2.The first woman Cabinet  Minister  in Kenya-Nyiva Mwendwa(Kitili Mwendwa’s wife) was from Kitui.

3.The first woman Presidential Candidate in Kenya-Charity   was from Kitui.

4.The first African Speaker of the National Assembly-Fredrick Mbiti Mati was from Kitui.

5.The first Provincial Commissioner (PC) from Ukambani-David Musila was from Kitui.

6.The first installed Church Army African President-Archbishop Rev. Dr. Benjamin Mwanzia Nzimbi was from Kitui.

7.The first Bishop of the newly created Diocese of Machakos(1985-ACK)-Archbishop Rev. Dr. Benjamin Mwanzia Nzimbi was from Kitui.

8.The 4th Archbishop of Anglican  Church of Kenya(ACK) and the first from Ukambani-The Most Rev.Dr. Benjamin Mwanzia “Mwilu” Nzimbi was from Kitui.

9.The first openly hired Chief Justice under the New Constitution-Dr. Willy Munyoki  was from Kitui.

10.The Chair of Committee of Experts who  successfuly helped midwife the New Constitution-Nzamba Kitonga was from Kitui.