Kathungi residents endorse Njema for Kitui Central seat

March 19,2017,6:00pm.                                                        By WYCLIFFE MUNYOKI.

Kitui Central aspirant Bernard Mwendwa Munyasya (kneelimg down) receiving prayers and blessings from local religious leaders.[Pictured by Wycliffe Munyoki]

Over three hundred residents from Kathungi location have unanimously endorsed Bernard Mwendwa  Munyasya(pictured kneeling down) to run for Kitui  Central Parliament seat in August 8 polls.                                                                                      Led by the area local leaders who included religious leaders,teachers,youths and business community the locals made the declaration at Kavumbuni market.

Mwendwa popularly known as “Safari Njema” said he is vying the seat on NARC ticket.                             Leaders who spoke at the occasion condemned the incumbent Kitui  Central legislator for inequality and unfair resources especially the CDF funded programmes.

“Out of the five hundred millions received under Kitui Central CDF kity,only  three million have allocated to projects in our location,”thundered Njema.

The lie under bursaries given every December was too unearthed.”The reason why the Mheshiwa gives bursaries on Decembers is simply  because on this month there are  form ones and fours.We have even known that students from his home get more bursary allocations than those from outside his area,” explained Michael Musambi.

Safari Njema contested in 2007 on ODM-Kenya ticket and lost to Charity Ngilu.He went for the same seat on NARC  ticket but narrowly lost to Makali Mulu.He said that this time he must win reiterating the mistakes made in the past that cost him the seat would be repeated.



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