Kitui county,the home of firsts!

Thursday, 23 March,2017|By Wycliffe Munyoki

Many people have had a very ill perception of Kitui since time immemorial.It has been said and argued that witchcraft comes from Kitui.All this is completely
Talk of Kenya histoy,Kitui county cant be left out.Kitui has bred great personalities in Ukambani and Kenya at large.

It is for sure a county of firsts!

1.The first African Chief Justice-Kitili Mwendwa was from Kitui.

2.The first woman Cabinet  Minister  in Kenya-Nyiva Mwendwa(Kitili Mwendwa’s wife) was from Kitui.

3.The first woman Presidential Candidate in Kenya-Charity   was from Kitui.

4.The first African Speaker of the National Assembly-Fredrick Mbiti Mati was from Kitui.

5.The first Provincial Commissioner (PC) from Ukambani-David Musila was from Kitui.

6.The first installed Church Army African President-Archbishop Rev. Dr. Benjamin Mwanzia Nzimbi was from Kitui.

7.The first Bishop of the newly created Diocese of Machakos(1985-ACK)-Archbishop Rev. Dr. Benjamin Mwanzia Nzimbi was from Kitui.

8.The 4th Archbishop of Anglican  Church of Kenya(ACK) and the first from Ukambani-The Most Rev.Dr. Benjamin Mwanzia “Mwilu” Nzimbi was from Kitui.

9.The first openly hired Chief Justice under the New Constitution-Dr. Willy Munyoki  was from Kitui.

10.The Chair of Committee of Experts who  successfuly helped midwife the New Constitution-Nzamba Kitonga was from Kitui.



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