MP and Governor’s handler accused of bleach of Protocal

By Wycliffe Munyoki -March 25,2017 at 6:30pm
Kitui Central MP Hon.Makali Muli(with mic) introducing other aspirant for Kitui Central constuency during burial of Kathungi ex-subchief Charles Kakunu.[pictured by Wycliffe Munyoki]

Kitui Central legislator Hon.Makali Mulu and Kitui Governor handlers were yesterday condemned by mourners for bleach of protocol during the burial of Kathungi sub location ex- subchief Charles Kakunu.

According to the mourners,the area chief Steven Katiwa who was the represantive of the National goverment  should have spoken after the governor as per the protocal .

The Masters of Ceremonies lead by former KNUT BEC James Muthoka had directed Hon.Makali to address mourners then invite Governor Malombe who was now to welcome the area chief who was the only represantive of the national government in the gathering.

Malombe handler Job Isaac Ngusu was heard shouting,”The chief is too junior to speak after the governor and the area MP.”

Commotion ensued as the MCs maintained their position to call upon the chief and other representatives  of national government to address the mourners.



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