Wiper is not leaving NASA-Kalonzo confirms

By Wycliffe Munyoki | Saturday, April 1st 2017 at 7:46am

NASA Principals in a past event.

Wiper Party leader and NASA Presidential hopeful Hon.Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka  has today distanced himself from allegations by the Oppositiom Minority Leader and also Kitui West MP Francis Nyenze that Wiper will exit NASA if Kalonzo will not be named the flag bearer.

Nyenze who is a very close confidant of Kalonzo Musyoka,on Wednesday March 29,came out and issued a 7 days aultimatum for NASA to either name Kalonzo as it’s flag bearer or Wiper exit.

Nyenze’s word were not taken lightly by NASA partners and Jubelee.They send shock waves to opposition supporters.Political pundits have argued that Nyenze was not speaking for heavenly sake and whoever underestimates his threat to wait and see.

The one time minister called upon Hon.Raila Odinga to honour the MOU he had signed with Wiper Party boss by backing Kalonzo to go for the top seat come August 8.

Addressing journalists in a Nairobi Hotel ,Kalonzo said Nyenze statement was not his stand or of his Wiper Party.”Hon.Nyenze’s words is not what we as a party stands for.He has a democratic right to do so.”explained Kalonzo.

Kalonzo has stood his ground that he is the better positioned to send Uhuru and his government home.

Also Kalonzo denied claims by a section of media and some leaders alleging that he had been paid  7 billion by Jubelee to leave NASA.

Kalonzo has assured his supportersnthat he was in NASA to stay.



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